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  • Julia

PLAN MIT MIR: April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup "Schlafende Häschen"

Unbezahlte Werbung // Markennamen werden im Blogpost genannt

It's here - my very first post with my monthly setup and matching plan with me.

I'm actually a little excited to show some of my spreads already at the beginning of the month. But I'm also looking forward to sharing my ideas with you and to see some creations. Of course, there is also a new YouTube video to go with this setup. Feel free to check out my channel and leave a heart + subscription there. So let's plan the new month, I hope you guys will like my new theme and monthly setup.

For this set up you need the following materials:

  • Gouache or Watercolor

  • A glass with water and a mixing palette

  • A thick brush and a thin brush (I used No. 0 and No. 7)